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Keep Your Social Media Heading Short

Marketing and advertising is a family tradition. Not in the sense that I am referring to a family owned business. But I may as well be because the subject matter of this post is relevant. It will be relevant to you if you are the co-proprietor of a family registered business. Or sole owner. Many of you reading this right now may be famously classed as this generation’s millennials.

A majority of readers will have a short span of attention whilst reading material from their smartphones or laptops for all the obvious and understandable reasons. Instagram, as you should know, is more focused on making a visual impact. Keeping all things relevant, this is how to get real followers on Instagram.

It’s not the only way, of course. There are many more that you can read about and practice with on your current profile page. Always just remember to keep on posting on a regular basis, yet another way to gain traction on your network and earn the support of new followers.

You will be surprised to learn that there are smart algorithms that look out for photographic or graphically designed images over and above the convention of just posting text. Instagram wasn’t designed for just words. And you’ll be pleased to know that it’s an effective device to keep your prose short. Keep your headings short and keep these relevant to your pic’s.

I may as well tell you that this detection process of picking out and foregrounding graphic impressions on search engines is not quite as effective as it is with the text. But with further advancements in software technologies, this process will become more effective and quicker too. Returning to how algorithms respond to published text, it responds to published posts’ headings too. But if the heading is far too long, it tends to lose the thread, if you will.

In keeping your heading relevant to your Instagram photographs, you can work on a really striking title. Keep it short and sweet and attract the notice of curious minds. Curious minds also have a thing with numbers. They’ll want to know why one particular platform, it could be yours, has so many followers. There’s this perception that something grand and great must be happening. Or is it the product.

And that’s the challenge to you. To work hard at keeping up the quality of your regular posting so that these folks will become avid followers too.

Now, to speed things up, I encourage you to buy your Instagram followers. Do not worry about stigma’s and misconceptions attached to this. Just know that many successful startups have gathered steam in this manner. And the rich and famous have been doing it for years already, long since before this young upstart, otherwise known as Instagram, arrived on the scene. Speaking of which, there is the matter of my family.

Which means I have to go. Good luck with your work.

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Using Social Media To Go On Charitable Drive

I have my own business. Do you? If not, there are many tips online to teach you how to get this drive off of the ground. You may have heard by now, but one of the best ways to push your new biz forward is to go on a social media drive. How did you know this? You may already have your own social media page.

If you haven’t, get going then. You can choose a network but I’d like to recommend that you use Instagram, one of the world’s leading platforms. I’m recommending it to you because it’s just so easy. It only takes a few minutes to create a decent profile page and you don’t have to write too much about yourself if the writing’s not your thing.

More importantly, Instagram is quite effective for helping you gain market traction.

Writing’s definitely my craft and I’ve used Instagram at will to get many of my own followers Instagram linked. I’m a publisher by trade and I’m helping youngsters promote their work. Many of these youngsters don’t have a penny to their name. They’ve just left school or are saddled with hefty college loans to pay off.

And while you’re struggling to find a worthwhile job to help you get this monkey off your back and make ends meet, why not just go right ahead and start your own company. You’d be surprised what you can achieve with your followers Instagram app. That, of course, is easy to download too.

I’ll continue encouraging the youth to study, though. In order to make inroads towards a successful career path, you need to study. Today, you can even study online too. While you are doing your homework assignments late at night, you can go into your Instagram chatrooms and have a conversation on problematic areas of your work.

Yes, it isn’t easy to make a decent living today. But one of the rewards of being in business for yourself is being able to do something you are passionate about. Fair enough, the money’s not much to write home about in the beginning. But be patient, material rewards do come later. This is one of the fundamental rules of being a successful entrepreneur. And you need to be resilient while riding out the storm.

Now, if it wasn’t for my landlady, I might not have been able to have a roof over my head that I could afford. This lady has love in her heart. And she’s got no less than three passions she’s crazy about. One being she’s a work at home mom. Although it’s hard at times, she enjoys being her own boss. Two, she’s passionate, almost obsessed even, with her tablet and her social media connections.

Walk anywhere in the streets of our neighbourhood, day or late at night, and you never see her without her tablet. Finally, she’s managed to use her social media experience very well to start up her big charity drive.

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From Cynic To Eternal Optimist On Social Media

I can go on a tangent. Fortunately, this post is a mere 500 words long or so. So, while I could tell you the story of my life from a number of angles, I’ll have to keep my focus and stick to my selected heading. Short of words, I punch in a heading based on earlier thoughts. And then I work my prose from that angle. I was correlating my tendency to be a tad too negative at times and how it affected me in the past, with my earlier doubts about SM.

Fortunately, I’m a passionate reader and it wasn’t long before I was able to dispel any old doubts I had about SM. And to be sure, the more you read, the more you learn. For instance, little did I know that SM is the acronym that refers directly to social media. So, forgive me if I’ve been showing this off in my opening lines. And Insta is short for Instagram. FB is short for Facebook, and so on and so forth.

For a long time, I wracked my brain on how I was going to gain more Instagram followers while at the same time getting more people to formally like my regular posts. I had my doubts about purchasing my followers and likes too. I used to believe that when in doubt, don’t go there. But of course it’s true that you need to find out the why’s of your doubts before making a good decision. I never needed to doubt the quality of my work.

And the quality of my Insta-pics is getting better too. Also, I soon discovered that my initial purchase of Instagram followers and likes was a veritable springboard to start getting real people to start following my work and liking it.

Today, you’ve got your own mobile. Whether still at school or stuck in a dead-end job, you can start thinking along the lines of starting up your own business. You’re familiar with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the rest of them, and if you’re on Instagram like many people today, you’ll always be thinking of new ways to get more Instagram followers to like you. Typical stuff guys and girls like you are doing is sending out real zany pic’s so everyone out there can have a real guffaw.

For a few moments, you’re the centre of the social media universe.

I have to say, many guys and girls out there are streets ahead of me. They never feared all these strange gizmos and gadgets that I could never get the hang of. Today, I’m in. Sure enough, I’m posting a lot less than you guys are. And that’s the point I’d like to close off with. It’s great to have your social media but I reckon it’s also healthy to switch off every now and then. Which is why I like to leave my phone at home when I head out for a while.

Crazy, huh.

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Buying into Social Media, Positively Speaking

Think positively when buying followers for the first time. For many of you, this is a strange territory.  And you are hesitant. The concept of buying followers for your Instagram, Facebook or other social media favorite is not foreign.

The purpose behind buying your followers, likes and comments is universal. Long before social media was the big bang theory it is today, large-scale and even small to medium sized businesses had been in on this act. A good example would be inviting both loyal and new shoppers to subscribe to a weekly or monthly newsletter.

And having ‘bought’ into the company this way, customers are rewarded for their loyalty by way of ‘members only’ discounts and special offers, and the like. So, hesitant readers, are you breathing a little easier now?

Well, if you are still skeptical at this time, and I can hardly blame you because I have been where you are right now, then it goes without saying that you haven’t entirely got the full picture just yet. Just the other day, I was asked by my editor to give a short talk on the perceptively dubious practice of buying Instagram followers as opposed to just waiting for them to roll in.

It led me to reflect back on my previous experience. And perhaps it isn’t a bad idea to remind readers to practice the art of being positive. Because, what do they say? Positive things happen to positive people. Like gaining more followers. Generally speaking, people do have a tendency to carry negative perceptions about subjects, online content, products and services they know very little about. And in the heat of the moment, perhaps it was a stressful day at the office, the tendency leans very much towards subjectivity and being over-judgmental.

And of course, not enough people out there are familiar with the concept of buying followers on Instagram. Had they bothered to do what every other successful entrepreneur will be doing on any given day, all would have been well by now. This is your R & D people, your research and development. Not hard to do. It’s basically making a little extra time for extensive and careful reading, in this case, on the concept and philosophies of buying followers, likes and comments, as opposed to just waiting for them organically (yes, that would be the right word).

When you purchase Instagram followers in manageable and realistic increments, a genuine following, let’s just say; follows. And over time, so long as the marketing campaign continues and Instagram posting is regular (it does not have to be every day but it needs to be consistent) the numbers, that is to say, the numbers of real Instagram followers will grow.

Numbers depend on your location too. When composing your marketing and advertising copy, be specific about what you are offering your customers. You will be putting up pictures of what you have produced. It is vivid and leaves nothing to the imagination. They can almost taste and smell it.

Figuratively speaking of course.

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Wife Uses Instagram To Get Others To Get Real

And so should you. Me too, I guess. But then again, I’m publishing my op-ed work through WordPress, linking it to online newspapers relevant to my objective cause.

My wife also uses Facebook, the company that started Instagram in the first place. Like Facebook, my wife is something of a veteran in social media circles. When not doing her time as our local commissioner of oaths, she’s spreading the love with her charity work. Just this afternoon while she was dozily waiting for the message to come through for her go ahead to do her routine purchase Instagram followers bit, she told me about next week’s gathering at the retirement center just a block away from us.

I asked if she needed a hand. Thankfully, she doesn’t. All she wanted was for me to just show up for a couple of hours and have a good time with the old folks. She says she’s got all the help she needs. And I can hardly wait. She sure knows this old philosophy. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yup, quite a spread is being put on for the old folks. And me too, of course. Now, how was it that she had so much success in putting this event together in such a short space of time. And just how did she manage to get so many volunteers together in such a short space of time?

It’s like this, you see. Like Facebook, she’s something of a veteran in social media these days. There’s not one incident that she’s not already aware of before I even get the news. News travels fast in social media circles. And Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp (also part of the Facebook group) are great platforms to have use of to raise the alarm, if needs be. The news travels a lot quicker than the local journos can get it onto their standard platforms. No wonder a lot of papers are finding it difficult to stay afloat these days.

No wonder too then, I suppose, I’m also finding it hard to land freelance gigs on a regular account. Anyhow, my wife uses her social media pages to get others to get real. Like this case she was telling me about just this afternoon. I’d just come back from the deli with some fresh salami and organic tomato relish for a late night sandwich (I was going to be working you see, so no time to cook). After I brought her her coffee, she told me about this putrid block of cheese she had to take back to the deli.

She mentioned that the deli had its own social media pages and she was going to spread the word around town that there’s a bad smell going down over there. She had to do it, you see because she reckons they don’t always get it when you only approach them to complain politely over the counter.

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