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Instagram Tips

Wife Uses Instagram To Get Others To Get Real

And so should you. Me too, I guess. But then again, I’m publishing my op-ed work through WordPress, linking it to online newspapers relevant to my objective cause.

My wife also uses Facebook, the company that started Instagram in the first place. Like Facebook, my wife is something of a veteran in social media circles. When not doing her time as our local commissioner of oaths, she’s spreading the love with her charity work. Just this afternoon while she was dozily waiting for the message to come through for her go ahead to do her routine purchase Instagram followers bit, she told me about next week’s gathering at the retirement center just a block away from us.

I asked if she needed a hand. Thankfully, she doesn’t. All she wanted was for me to just show up for a couple of hours and have a good time with the old folks. She says she’s got all the help she needs. And I can hardly wait. She sure knows this old philosophy. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yup, quite a spread is being put on for the old folks. And me too, of course. Now, how was it that she had so much success in putting this event together in such a short space of time. And just how did she manage to get so many volunteers together in such a short space of time?

It’s like this, you see. Like Facebook, she’s something of a veteran in social media these days. There’s not one incident that she’s not already aware of before I even get the news. News travels fast in social media circles. And Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp (also part of the Facebook group) are great platforms to have use of to raise the alarm, if needs be. The news travels a lot quicker than the local journos can get it onto their standard platforms. No wonder a lot of papers are finding it difficult to stay afloat these days.

No wonder too then, I suppose, I’m also finding it hard to land freelance gigs on a regular account. Anyhow, my wife uses her social media pages to get others to get real. Like this case she was telling me about just this afternoon. I’d just come back from the deli with some fresh salami and organic tomato relish for a late night sandwich (I was going to be working you see, so no time to cook). After I brought her her coffee, she told me about this putrid block of cheese she had to take back to the deli.

She mentioned that the deli had its own social media pages and she was going to spread the word around town that there’s a bad smell going down over there. She had to do it, you see because she reckons they don’t always get it when you only approach them to complain politely over the counter.

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