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Using Social Media To Go On Charitable Drive

    I have my own business. Do you? If not, there are many tips online to teach you how to get this drive off of the ground. You may have heard by now, but one of the best ways to push your new biz forward is to go on a social media drive. How did you know this? You may already have your own social media page.

    If you haven’t, get going then. You can choose a network but I’d like to recommend that you use Instagram, one of the world’s leading platforms. I’m recommending it to you because it’s just so easy. It only takes a few minutes to create a decent profile page and you don’t have to write too much about yourself if the writing’s not your thing.

    More importantly, Instagram is quite effective for helping you gain market traction.

    Writing’s definitely my craft and I’ve used Instagram at will to get many of my own followers Instagram linked. I’m a publisher by trade and I’m helping youngsters promote their work. Many of these youngsters don’t have a penny to their name. They’ve just left school or are saddled with hefty college loans to pay off.

    And while you’re struggling to find a worthwhile job to help you get this monkey off your back and make ends meet, why not just go right ahead and start your own company. You’d be surprised what you can achieve with your followers Instagram app. That, of course, is easy to download too.

    I’ll continue encouraging the youth to study, though. In order to make inroads towards a successful career path, you need to study. Today, you can even study online too. While you are doing your homework assignments late at night, you can go into your Instagram chatrooms and have a conversation on problematic areas of your work.

    Yes, it isn’t easy to make a decent living today. But one of the rewards of being in business for yourself is being able to do something you are passionate about. Fair enough, the money’s not much to write home about in the beginning. But be patient, material rewards do come later. This is one of the fundamental rules of being a successful entrepreneur. And you need to be resilient while riding out the storm.

    Now, if it wasn’t for my landlady, I might not have been able to have a roof over my head that I could afford. This lady has love in her heart. And she’s got no less than three passions she’s crazy about. One being she’s a work at home mom. Although it’s hard at times, she enjoys being her own boss. Two, she’s passionate, almost obsessed even, with her tablet and her social media connections.

    Walk anywhere in the streets of our neighbourhood, day or late at night, and you never see her without her tablet. Finally, she’s managed to use her social media experience very well to start up her big charity drive.

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